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Energy Close-loop YAG Laser Welding Machine

Energy Close-loop YAG Laser Welding Machine

Machine Features: 
1.Energy close-loop control system guarantees stability of welding quality.
2.Pulse shape can be arbitrarily set based on materials and requirement.
3.Smoother joint and less overlap at seam welding mode.
4.Multi-station and real-time energy switch shortens processing time, especially applicable to production line with various products and requirement of frequent switch.
5.Most components are imported to ensure machine quality.
Applicable Industry:
It is widely used in industries of optical communication device, electronic device, medical instrument, horologe parts, glasses, IT products, battery, precise parts, hardware fitting, etc.

Technical Specifications        
Item  ▼   Technical Parameters ▼    
Machine Model   GD-ECYW150/300/600/800
Laser Power   150W/300W/600W/800W
Laser Wavelength   1064nm
Number of Fiber   1 channel for standard configuration, 4 channels are optional
Beam Splitting Mode       Split by energy or time
Pulse Width   0.1ms-20ms
Repetition Frequency       1-100Hz
Fiber Core Diameter   0.3/0.4/0.6/0.8mm
Feedback Mode   Energy Close-loop
Min. Welding Spot   0.2mm
Min. Welding Spot   300Kg
Power Supply   AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz 
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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