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Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Machine Features: 
1.Using YAG pulse laser.
2.Laser head can rotate by multiple angle and orientation, convenient for positioning for laser processing.
3.Small welding spot and thermal effect area, applicable to small and precise geometry.
4.No pore nor hole, available for direct grinding, polishing and wrinkle treatment after welding.
5.No deformation nor collapse in substrate structure, no strength reduction nor cracking after welding.
Applicable Industry:
It is widely applied to precision processing on micro parts in industries of jewelry, electronics, communication, hardware fitting, horologe parts, etc.

Technical Specifications        
Item ▼   Technical Parameters ▼    
Machine Model   GD-JYW150/300/400/600
Laser Power   150W/300W/400W/600W
Laser Wavelength   1064nm
Pulse Frequency   1-20Hz    
Pulse Width   0.5ms-20ms    
Welding Depth   0.05-3mm    
Min. Welding Pool   0.15mm    
Feedback Mode   Current feedback    
Focal Spot Diameter   0.2mm
Power Supply   AC 380V 50Hz/60Hz 
                  (The above parameters for reference only

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